In the cold war there was much American and Russian advertisement.

There exist three types of political advertisement:

  • White advertisement: It calls this way to the advertisement that we know where from it comes. In conclusion it can be published of official form
  • Gray advertisement: It appears like neutrally, but it transmits false information
  • Black advertisement: It appears of amicable form, but really it is from the enemy.

Example of American advertisement:

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Agent Orange in Vietnam

The War of Vietnam (1964-1975) was a warlike conflict that during part of the Cold War faced South Vietnam, supported principally by the United States, against North Vietnam, supported by the communist block.

The war of Vietnam remained marked in history as the first defeat in the military history of the United States and for the high number of dead men.

The USA decided to spray the whole country with the called Orange Agent, a strong chemical product that destroys the nature. With the aim to facilitate the combat in the jungle and to end with the food of the enemies.

This so serious mistake has had serious consequences for the population of vietnam that have serious problems of health and malformations.


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JFK Speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis begins On October 14, 1962 when American planes photographed Soviet missiles of long scope in the island of Cuba.

If the U.S. attacked the sites, it might lead to nuclear war with the URSS but if they were not doing anything they would have nuclear weapon a few kilometres of distance of to country.

 The president, J.F Kennedy, initiated conversations with the Soviets for the dismantlement of the missiles in Cuba.

One week later,  the Soviet Prime minister Nikita Jrushchov and him reached an agreement: The USSR would withdraw the missiles and the USA  would sign an agreement for the not invasion to Cuba.

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007 James Bond

The famous character known as the british secret spy James Bond was written during a World War II mission. His writer, Ian Fleming, intented to convert James in the most famous spy ever written. He currently has 21 007 films.

James Bond borned as a fictional Cold War character, but sixty years later, he is still a myth of multiple dimensions, become one of the great figures of cinema.

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Cold War City

Burlington is known as the Cold War City. It is located in Wiltshire, England. It’s placed 36 meters underground.

The city has an area of 140.000 square meters and it was built in 1950 as the Prime Minister (Harold Macmillan) house. The house was also built for 4000 advisors and for the presidential cabinet.

The city was equiped with necessary equipment like water tanks, electric generators and with the second largest telephone exchange in Britain ever made.

The BBC has an extensive photo gallery, interactive map and video of the bunker.

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Star Wars Project

The Cold War is known as the historical process of the end of World War II until 1991. The Soviet Union (USSR) was collapsed because of that.

In addition to be known for the differences between capitalism and socialism, it was also known by its enormous technological advances: the weapons.

The USSR space program could realize a dream which United States could not: make the Star Wars. United States tried to put some of their weapons into the space but they could not realize it because it was too expensive and because they didn’t have enough technology.

The USSR developed some new weapons like the Energya rocket, the Buran shuttle or the MIR Stationship.

However the most amazing space weapon was the combat stationship Polyus. Known as Skif-DM. We’re going to write about it.

The USSR sent the second stacion MIR 2 to the space in 1987. The station didn’t reach to the orbit and fell into the sea. The station was armed with nuclear weapons aimed at an electromagnetic pulse (PEM) on the enemy’s space. The PEM disables the enemy’s electronics.

Most of western agencies are still searching for it in the pacific. They want to find the technological.

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