The Europe Union anthem

The anthem symbolizes the Europe Union andEuropein all his sense. The poem “Ode to joy”, written by Schiller, express the idealist vision about the fraternity between the humans. Beethoven shared this opinion.

In 1972, the Council of Europe turned the theme “Ode to joy” (Symphony No. 9, written by Beethoven) into their hymn. In 1985, it was adapted by the European Union government as the official EU anthem. This hymn didn’t include lyrics, but in the universal language of the music, it expresses all of the European ideals: liberty, peace and solidarity. However, there was a project in which European Council wanted to give words to the hymn. These words represented these ideals too. Peter Ronal wrote a 12 line chorus in Latin related, containing ideas like peace andEurope, “united in diversity”. This became a slogan for all European population.


Rhymeless and literal

English translation of the Latin version

Europe is united now

And united may it remain;

One in diversity,

May it contribute to world peace.

May there forever reign inEurope

Faith and justice

And freedom of the people

In a greater fatherland

Citizens, mayEuropeflourish,

A great task calls on you.

Golden stars in the sky are

The symbols that shall unite us.

The European anthem doesn’t intend to replace the national hymns of  other countries of the Europe Union, but is to complement them, to celebrate the securities among European countries.

Author: Saioa García.