Star Wars Project

The Cold War is known as the historical process of the end of World War II until 1991. The Soviet Union (USSR) was collapsed because of that.

In addition to be known for the differences between capitalism and socialism, it was also known by its enormous technological advances: the weapons.

The USSR space program could realize a dream which United States could not: make the Star Wars. United States tried to put some of their weapons into the space but they could not realize it because it was too expensive and because they didn’t have enough technology.

The USSR developed some new weapons like the Energya rocket, the Buran shuttle or the MIR Stationship.

However the most amazing space weapon was the combat stationship Polyus. Known as Skif-DM. We’re going to write about it.

The USSR sent the second stacion MIR 2 to the space in 1987. The station didn’t reach to the orbit and fell into the sea. The station was armed with nuclear weapons aimed at an electromagnetic pulse (PEM) on the enemy’s space. The PEM disables the enemy’s electronics.

Most of western agencies are still searching for it in the pacific. They want to find the technological.

images and content source: Accessed on 20/11/2011.

Posted and edited by: Alex de Haro


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