The Treaty of Rome


Treaty of Rome was an International agreement signed by Belgium, Italy, France, Luxembourg, West Germanyand the Netherlands, that lead to the European Economic Communityin 1958. They were ratified by the National Parlament of every state after they were signed on 25 March 1957. Its official name was Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, but it changed to  Treaty on the functioning of the European Union by successive treaties. This agreement became one of the most important of the Treaties of the European Union with the Treaty on European Union, the Euratom Treaty and the  Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

The EEC is also known as the “Common Market” because it meant a free circulation of goods inEurope. The country members of the organization dismantled the tariffs that were protecting their markets and it was established an external common tariff for thememberState’s products. The EEC also created the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which manages the agricultural subsidies and programmes of the European Union.


The signing of the Treaty of Rome:

Antonio Segni and Gaetano Martino signing the Treaty of Rome.

Image source:

Image of the Treaty of Rome in its 50th anniversary.

Image source:


Official video from EESC – Treaty of Rome:

EuroNews – EN – Europeans: The Treaty of Rome is nearly…:

Paola Casetta – Group 8


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