The Marshall Plan

The Marshall Plan, officially known as the European Recovery Program, was the American program established in 1947 and developed to aidEurope, which was destroyed by the Second World War that ended in 1945.United Statesgave economic support to sixteen nations in order to help them to rebuild the continent and, also, to fight against the increasing Soviet communism. Countries likeFrance,Italy,BelgiumandGermanyreceived food, fuel, machinery and, later, there was investment in the European industry; for four years, Marshall Plan sent aid valued at $ 13 billion. However, not all the countries received this help: Soviet Union and its allies didn’t accept it, andUnited Statesdidn’t offer the program toJapanbecause they weren’t interested in that country. Spain, although it didn’t participate in the Second World War, received some help from the Marshall Plan, due to the fact that Franco’s regime was considered as a guarantee that communism wouldn’t spread in that zone.

The program was named like the Secretary of the State, George Marshall, created by the State Department, and approved by the president of theUnited States, Harry S. Truman.


This is an image of president Truman signing the agreement:

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An image of George Marshall:

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Europe in ruins and the Marshall Plan:

Marshall Plan:

What was the European Marshall Plan? 1:

What was the European Marshall Plan? 2

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Paola Casetta Monteagudo – Group 8


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