Weapons and tactics in the First World War: the mustard gas

The first time that the mustard gas was used in a war was by the Germans against the British soldiers in 1917 nearYpres(because of this it is also known as yperite). This type of chemical attack violated the agreements made atThe Haguein 1907. It was not the first gas used in a war, but probably it was the most effective.

The mustard gas, in fact, was a liquid, and it was no pretended to kill; his principal use was to incapacitate the enemy, causing nonlethal damage. It was shot with heavy artillery to the ground, and later it slowly vaporised damaging a lot of enemies and collapsing the medical services.

When the chemical war began, British and American quickly produced thousands of gas masks to protect their armies. The gas masks were already invented, but they improved their mass production. Even dogs and horses wore gas masks.

Written by Víctor Vicente

Posted by Ángel Getán


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