Muammar Gaddafi Death in Ambulance

Al Jazeera Muammar Gaddafi dead

This is the video which was sent by the rebels of Lybia which shows Gadafi’s death.
Gadafi was the leader of Libia, one of tje coutries which began a revolution to change his political situation.
The last 20th october, the convoy in which the Lybian leader was travelling, was machine-gunned from the air by planes of the NATO.
Injured man in the head and in a leg, but apparently superficially, Gadafi escaped with some of his bodyguards and managed to hide in a pipeline where little later it was captured by the rebels.
They recorded a video showing to the world last hours of life of the former leader of Lybia.
This was the form in which the Arabic spring demolished the leader of Libia and how this country began his way towards the democracy.


Laura Ortún


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