Claude Choules

Last 5th May in Perth, Australia, Claude Choules died at the age of 110.  He was the last living man who participated in the First World War and the Second World War. At the time of his death, he was also the third oldest verified military veteran in the world.

“He was born in Pershore, England, on 3th March 1901. When he was fourteen, he decided to leave school to take part into the nautical training ship TS Mercury (He got to be there thanks to his father). Not until 1917 did he join the battleship HMS Revenge, which was the flagship of the First Battle Squadron.

During the Second World War, Choules was the Acting Torpedo Officer based at Fremantle, Western Australia, and also served as the Chief Demolition Officer on the western side of the Australian continent.”

Here I attach a report about this marvellous man’s life.

Rest in peace, Mr. Choules.

Posted and edited by: Carolina Flores


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