The decline of the Weimar Republic

When Hitler became the Reich Chancellor there were five parties in Germany: the Social Democratic, the Center, the Communist, the German National and the Nationalist, who had thousand of members by then. In the elections of 5th of March, 1933, the rest of the political forces were very important among the electorate.

Despite the terror broken out during the electoral campaign, the party headed by Adolf Hitler obtained the 43.9% of votes (in the past elections the resulting party had obtained the 44.62%). This did not prevent him from passing a law four months later, in July, which said categorically: “In Germany there will be no more parties than the German working class’ National Socialist Party”.

How did Hitler manage to become the Reich Chancellor with those results? The most common or easiest answer: by using terror. However, this is not the only answer, since it has to be also taken into account the lack of unity and the distancing suffered by the parties who did not manage to forget the differences and become closer when the danger represented by the Nazi Party was already very serious.

Election results from 5th of March, 1933.

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