On the 9th of May 1950, the French (Foreign Minister) Robert Schuman gave a speech, which was later known as the Schuman Declaration. It is considered as a precursor of the European Union. His main objective was to create an “organization of United European States” by proposing to submit the coal and steel of France and Germany (and the other countries that would like to join the organization) to a common administration, the so called “High Authority”, and establishing a territory which allowed the free movement of people, capital and merchandise: The Schuman Declaration gave birth to the European Coal and Steel Comunnity.

Schuman’s proposal made another world war impossible.It encouraged countries to be peacefull. Moreover, it meant the world’s first supranational institution and the birth ofEurope; that’s why Schuman is considered as one of the Founding Fathers of the European Union, and the 9th of May is celebrated every year as “Europe Day”.

These are two pictures of Robert Schuman during the speech, inParis:

60 years of the Schuman Declaration – The birth of United Europe:

Image source:

Schuman Declaration:


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