Jokes in III Reich

Here we have some jokes that went around during Nazi Germany’s Third Reich:

1. Who was the first SS militant? – Joseph! Because the Bible says: “Joseph wore uniform and he thought he was better than his brothers”

2. The imperial eagle must stop being a German heraldic symbol, because it is black and bears a Jewish name. It must be replaced by a kangaroo, which is dun and jumps with an empty pouch.

3. Two men go past a cross. “Heil Hitler”, says one of them. The other tells him off, “In these cases you must say: Praise be to God!” The first of them looks at him in surprise and says: “You must say that when the crucified one is Hitler”.

4. How is it supposed to be the ideal German? – Blond like Hitler, tall like Goebbels, slender like Göring and chaste like Röhm.

5. What’s the difference between a military maneuver and a SS maneuver? – The military say “Take aim! Fire!” The SS ask: “Who’s in for the fire?”

The German told these and many other jokes in order to make their lives more bearable in those hard times. Although they had to be very careful who they told them, since they did not know who was listening to. The denunciations were the order of the day and you must be very careful what you said.  

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