Hitler and the occultism

Do you like Indiana Jones movies?

To find the original ideas for the movies, George Lucas used some urban legends about some hidden preferences of the Führer like Holy Grail and Ark of the covenant…

Some researchers suggest that Hitler did not follow esoteric ideas, occultism, or Ariosophy, and Hitler does ridicule such beliefs in Mein Kampf.

Others have suggested that Hitler’s views, particularly on race, had been strongly influenced by works that promulgated a mystical superiority of the Germans; these works included the occult and antisemitic magazine Ostara,whose publisher Lanz von Liebenfels claimed that Hitler had visited him in 1909 and had praised his work.

Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke considers his account reliable, Brigitte Hamman leaves the question open and Ian Kershaw, although questioning the degree to which Hitler was influenced by it, notes that, “Most likely, Hitler did read Ostara, along with other racist pulp which was prominent on Vienna newspaper stands.”

Kershaw notes that it is usually accepted that Hitler did read and was influenced by this occult publication, pointing to Hitler’s account of his conversion to antisemitism after reading antisemitic pamphlets.

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