Clothes in 40s -60s


In 1945 with the end of the Second World War once again sought the light and glamour of the past, a yearning for elegance and sophistication to the 50’s.The mane soignée, Marilyn Monroe style, replaced the ribbons and hats from the 40’s and fur, cashmere and jewellery spread throughout Europe.


  The opposition of this elegance was “fashion student” who was more disordered and comfortable and used by all the new generation. In the mid 50’s Beatnik style appeared, whose beginning was popular street and directly tied to the rock music coming fromAmerica with icons such as Elvis Presley. 
The British group The Beatles created a particular fashion of long hair and pointy boots and high, causing a social revolution that challenged the rigid canons to which the youth was subdued. In fact, fashion had always revolved around women and men without distinguishing adolescents as such.In the mid 60’s by designer Mary Quant innovated and completely revolutionized the fashion industry by imposing the “mini”, which was reduced to a small piece of cloth. . This time the release was the result of youth.


   This was also reflected in the arts, mainly manifesting disruptive and transgress art of “Pop Art” Andy Warhol. The outfit had two very specific outlines. On one side was the fashion “little girl”, a mixture of innocence and sensuality and fashion of geometric shapes and lines that began to openly show the body. The materials also changed the fabric gave way to plastic, which came into use not only in clothing but also in all kinds of accessories such as earrings, necklaces and bags.Young people began to experiment with drugs, especially those hallucinogens such as LSD.Distorted Minds created a fanciful, dreamlike style of shapes and colors flooded fabrics.That was the birth of the era of psychedelia and the hippie “free” 70’s.






Pop Art:

Author: Carolina Aznar Barranco


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