Arabian Spring in Tunez

It was the beginning of a worldwide revolution that would be extended during 2011 to the rest of Arabian countries. In just one year, four dictatorial leaders in this kind of countries have been deposed.

This video found in Youtube, express perfectly the feelings of the Tunisian population and shows the real problems that caused the first revolution movements.

The unemployment, the expensive prices of the food, the political corruption, the political repression, the lack of freedom of speech, the censure… caused the desperation of a whole country and the suicide of a young man whose decision would change the opinion of the Arabian population about their leaders, their policy and their society. They want freedom and they are showing to the rest of the world that they can change and they have the power to decide. It is the population who is going to decide for the first time who is going to form their Government and who is going to represent their wishes and hopes.

All the Arabian World is about to begin changing and the Occidental World is going to be just one more spectator, the Arabian population has made the decision not to be controlled anymore.

Beatriz Aparicio Vinacua

Correo USJ:


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